All You Need For ... Mayfly

All You Need For ... Mayfly

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Give yourself the best possible start to the season, read on McDuff ...

The 'All You Need For ...' series is aimed to try and simplify each technique and de-mistify the secrets used to deploy it.

All You Need For ... Mayfly is supplied to you with everything you need for those eagerly awaited trips to the water at this time of year. Casting and presenting these bigger flies correctly can often be very tricky, especially in the early stages of a hatch when the fish don't seem to be too interested.

Inside each box you will find the best and highest quality products available, along with full instructions explaining how to set it all up and fish it, we've done all the hard work for you - no more searching and buying individual components to complete your setup - it's all here in a single box.

The 'All You Need For ... Mayfly' contains the following:

  • 15 x Different Mayfly Imitations (26 flies in total)
  • 1 x Frog Hair Copolymer Tippet (0.20mm diameter)
  • 1 x Weatherbys Dry Fly Powder
  • 1 x Pair of Nippers (incl. knot tying tool)
  • 1 x Secret Drying Towel
  • Knot Card
  • Mayfly Information Sheet

We have included the best tippet material we could find for fishing with larger flies - Frog Hair Copolymer - this is supplied to you in a 0.20mm diameter. It is important when fishing with large, bushy flies to shorten the length of your leader and also step up its thickness - this will reduce any twist in your leader imparted by the larger flies acting like a helicopter rotor.

Go on, fill your boots!


All of this for only £45 (when bought separately this would be roughly £65). 

Here's what is included:

Full Setup Instructions (including Knot Card and Mayfly Hints & Tips Sheet)

Our Most Successful Mayfly Patterns:

Supplied with the All You Need For ... Mayfly are the most popular Mayfly patterns:

Mayflies included within this pack are as follows:

  • CdC Mayfly Dun x 2
  • Corrib Mayfly x 2
  • Detached CdC Dun Mayfly x 1
  • Green Drake Wulff x 2
  • Grey CdC Wulff x 2
  • Grey Partridge Mayfly x 2
  • Loopwing Mayfly x 2
  • Mayfly Spinner x 2
  • McPhail Mayfly x 2
  • Mirage Spent Male Mayfly x 1
  • Mosley Mayfly x 2
  • Real Mayfly x 1
  • Red-Butt Spent Mayfly x 1
  • Stillborn Mayfly x 2
  • White Wulff x 2

Total of 26 mayflies.


Frog Hair Copolymer:

When fishing Mayflies (and any other large bush fly), it can impart twist into your leader. This is why when fishing this style of fly you need to shorten the length of your leader and setup up the diameter. We are supplying 1 spool of Frog Hair Copolymer tippet (0.20mm diameter), the spool contains 30 meters.

Weatherby's Dry Fly Powder:

Weatherby's Dry Fly Floatant Powder will lift your fly onto the water, allowing you to add life to your fly and entice the rising fish to take! It's supplied in a clear PET bottle.  Not only is it 100% recyclable, but the clear bottle allows you to check how much floatant you have before you go fishing.  Who wants to run out when you are mid river!


We are supplying with the kit a pair of Nippers (they are bright green, so you will find them easy to see!). These nippers also include a handy nail knot tying tool, making those bank-side tapered leader changes really easy.

Our Super Secret Drying Towel:

We've found the ideal solution for drying your flies - not commercially available, so we decided to make our own! More info coming soon on these. The first time they are available is in this box. We will never sell these, as they are a little bit ' homemade' but they work fantastically well.

Knot Card & Mayfly Information Sheet

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