All You Need For ... Low Water Trout
All You Need For ... Low Water Trout
All You Need For ... Low Water Trout
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All You Need For ... Low Water Trout

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Give yourself the best possible chance in low water (and spooky fish), read on McDuff ...

The 'All You Need For ...' series is aimed to try and simplify each technique and de-mistify the secrets used to deploy it.

All You Need For ... Low Water Trout is supplied to you with everything you need for summer river fishing - It can often be very tricky, especially on those sunny days when the fish don't seem to be interested, that's why maximising your chances by fishing small is the way to go.

This selection includes 32 small imitative flies, 8X tippet, 9m French Leader, our super Drying towel and also 2 of our new for 2021 MagMicro's.

Inside each box you will find the best and highest quality products available, along with full instructions explaining how to set it all up and fish it, we've done all the hard work for you - no more searching and buying individual components to complete your setup - it's all here in a single box.

We've got you covered - We have put together everything you will need to get you started (apart from the rod & reel). Included in our 'All You Need For ... Low Water Trout' box is:

    • 16 x Aphid Flies (size 20 & 24)
    • 16 x 'Don't Get Skunked' flies - virtually guaranteed to catch!
    • 1 x 9m French Leader
    • 1 x Spool of Varivas Nylon Super Tippet 8X or 7X (see options above)
    • 1 x Super Drying Towel
    • 2 x MagMicro's - New for 2021
    • 1 x Instruction Sheet  

All of this for only £55 (when bought separately this would be roughly £75). 

PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish us to include 7X tippet instead of 8X, please let us know in the notes section on the checkout and we would be happy to swap it out.

Here's what is included:

Full Setup Instructions

Included within the kit is an instruction sheet complete with diagrams, showing you how to rig up your leaders specifically for fishing low waters. 

Our Most Successful Low Water Flies:

Supplied with the All You Need For ... Low Water Trout are the most popular patterns from our Aphid & 'Don't Get Skunked' Selections:

To view the patterns please use these links:


Don't Get Skunked


Varivas Super Tippet - 8X or 7X:

When fishing small flies, that means small hooks, which in turn means smaller hook eyes. You need a tippet material that has a thin diameter, but is still strong enough to give you a chance in landing the fish. This Varivas nylon tippet has a diameter of 0.9mm and a breaking strain of 1.8lb - this combines with a soft rod should allow you to land fish in the lower flows. Thanks to their unique manufacturing process VARIVAS are able to increases the relative line density making softer and more abrasion-resistant materials that offer higher breaking strength per line diameter with far less memory. This tippet has special resin and non-stress coatings. Applying those special treatments allows this tippet to be ultra-flexible and excellent for delicate fly presentation.

With the new UV and waterproof packaging, you can be sure that your tippet will be in the best condition possible when you open it.

9m Camou French Leader:

This French Leader is made up of an extremely long tapered leader made from monofilament. The taper is made up of a steep but gradual taper, designed to be fished on long and soft fly rods. 

The advantage of using a French leader is that you can present your small flies with absolutely zero drag - at both close and long range. The Camou French Leader is made of captive monofilament fibre, which has almost no memory. This allows even the smallest flies to be cast easily.

Length: 900cm (9m).
Diamater: 0.57-0.21.

We are supplying 1 x 9m Hends Camou French Leader, this is ideal when combined with the Varivas tippet for presenting small flies with no drag - keeping all of the leader off the water.

MagMicro - New for 2021:

We are supplying 2 of our MagMicro's, the quick and easy way to add a ‘fly hot spot’. It’s the best way to store and dry your flies whilst on the water - flies stick securely to the MagMicro - It can be attached to your Clothing, Hat, Vest, Pack or Waders. We have made sure that each component of the MagMicro is made to the highest standards, using the best quality materials. The MagMicro measures 32mm in diameter - ideal for creating that hot spot!

Our Own 'Super Secret' Drying Towel:

We've found the ideal solution for drying your flies - not commercially available, so we decided to make our own! More info coming soon on these. The first time they are available is in this box. We will never sell these, as they are a little bit ' homemade' but they work fantastically well. 

We currently have the "All You Need For ... Low Water Trout" in stock and ready to dispatch. Generally, if you order in the morning you will have your kit the very next day (assuming you're in the UK of course). As usual, we ship all our orders free of charge to anywhere in the world.