2023 Specially Selected Nymphing Kit
2023 Specially Selected Nymphing Kit
2023 Specially Selected Nymphing Kit
2023 Specially Selected Nymphing Kit
2023 Specially Selected Nymphing Kit

2023 Specially Selected Nymphing Kit

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We have spent the last few months testing various nymphing rod/line/indicator combos at various price points. We were searching for the impossible (or so it seemed), a nymphing rod, line and indicator combo which worked in harmony together, fished with feel and was priced to allow everyone access.

What we have eventually ended up with is an outfit that performs well above its price point whilst also offering lots of scope for the 'new to nymphing' angler to improve their technique (without investing in new and upgraded gear). The Holy Grail then - well not quite, but pretty close. There are more sensitive rods out there, but for the increase in cost, you will not see anywhere near the same increase in performance.

So on to the outfit ...

We started with the Rod ... We decided that for the best of both worlds (nymphing with the occasional dry fly) a 3 weight was required. We also looked at the length and found that between 10'0" and 10'6" was the optimum length for when fishing on both small/medium and larger rivers - so which one did we choose?

We looked at all rods available and chose the Vision Nymph Hero rod - there's no other rod out there which gives you this quality and sensitivity for the price. 


Here are the rod details:

  • Affordable, high-quality medium-fast action fly rods
  • Ideal for beginners and serious competition anglers alike
  • Fine-tuned for the type of fishing they are most likely used for - nymphing
  • Easy flex and feel nature makes close range and delicate fishing an absolute joy
  • The action and components of each model have been designed for nymphing
  • The Nymph Hero #3 has a down-locking reel seat to balance the longer rod
  • Nymph models also have small single-leg guides with tight spacing to prevent line-sag

And then to the best Nymphing Line ... It didn't take us long to choose this, as we sell them already - our very own 'Euro Style' nymphing line. Our specialist nymphing fly line has the following properties:

  • Very Thin - it's a 0.62mm level line
  • It Floats - for when you need to change styles and nymph at longer ranges
  • Micro welded loops on either end of the fly line
  • Total Length - 28m (90ft)
  • Low-Stretch braided core
  • Olive Green with a built-in 1m Orange indicator tip for easier take detection

These lines have been designed to be used specifically with Euro Nymphing rods (i.e. lightweight rods which are over 9ft in length), but we have found they work equally as well with shorter rods when nymphing on those really hard-to-get-at areas! We believe that there are no other lines like these on the market. These are level lines and do not have an AFTM weight rating, they do cast and load on a 1wt or 2wt rod (but they are not designed to be cast as you would a regular fly line), they are designed specifically for short-range nymphing.

Our 'Euro-Style' Nymphing Line already has a built-in 1m indicator section, so the only extras to add to it are tippet and flies!

For the tippet ... there is only really one choice of tippet that came to mind - RIO Powerflex - it has great knot strength, is durable (a major factor when nymphing) and is fantastic value for money.

So, to the nymphs ... So you've got the rod, line and tippet, now you need some nymphs to tie on the end! We checked our system for the most popular nymphs to fish in September, October & November and have put them together in a small selection (containing 16 nymphs) to get you started, we are supplying 2 each of our most popular nymphs for this time of year (including Duracell Jigs and Czech Weapons).

It is important to note that the nymphs supplied are all in various weights - another key factor when nymphing over the next few months. The nymphs included are the most popular Grayling nymphs we supply - in fact, the patterns outsell all others by at least 3 times.

And finally, you're going to need something to keep the nymphs in ... So we've included one of our very own Slim-Line Silicone nymph fly boxes - small enough to fit in a pocket, but will still hold all the flies you need for a day on the water.

*** We will not be offering this Outfit again until September 2024 ***