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The CdC Bubble Caddis Kit

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Feathersmith was born from the passion we have here at Barbless Flies for fly fishing. We treat all of our flies as we would a piece of jewellery and look at each as a miniature work of art - it's all about quality materials and attention to detail.

This third in the series of kits focuses on a variant of the super successful Caddis/Sedge pattern - The CdC Bubble Caddis.

Before we start, let's get the naming convention cleared up for these flies. Here in the UK, we call these flies Sedges, whereas in the USA they are called Caddis. You will often see these flies referred to as either Sedge or Caddis in magazines, fly descriptions and videos - they are both the same and are interchangeable.

Our CdC Bubble Caddis kit contains:

  • Ahrex FW521 Barbless Hooks (10 each of size 12, 14 & 16)
  • Semperfli Classic Black 8/0 Waxed Thread
  • 1st Grade Cul de Canard (Natural)
  • Ice Dubbing (Olive)
  • Drake Mallard Flank (Light Brown)
  • Hare's Mask Natural Dubbing
  • Pre-Tied Sample CdC Bubble Caddis

PLEASE NOTE: If you're just starting out on tying flies, these bonus videos from our fly-tying maestro in Bosnia will give you a great grounding. They are designed to, give you the basic skills required to tie any fly in our Feathersmith kits:

Click Here To View Kenan's Beginning Fly Tying Video Lessons

First lets explain a little about the Sedge/Caddis fly we are attempting to imitate:

Now you know a little more about the Sedge/Caddis, lets show you how to tie it:

Notes on dressing the CdC Bubble Caddis:

As a part of this tying video it requires you to make a dubbing loop. If you've never tied one before, take a look at this video by the guys over at, which perfectly explains how (and why) to use one:

I'm assuming you now have a box full of CdC Bubble Caddis dry flies - all tied by yourself. So, how do you get the best from them when fishing?

CdC Bubble Caddis Lifestyle - Named-1200.png__PID:b47c01b1-b09e-4a38-a267-ddfc229aae02
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"it's all about quality materials and attention to detail"