Barbless Wet Flies for Fly Fishing

Wet fly fishing is probably the most common form of fishing in rivers and still water, with the flies designed to be fished below the surface of the water, providing a reliable alternative when the fish are not rising. Designed to look like larvae or dead insects in the water, wet flies can be used in a number of different situations to imitate different insects to catch both game of coarse fish throughout different times of the year.

The vast majority of river and fresh water fish do most of their feeding below the water’s surface, so wet flies are essential for the success of any angler.

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Choose high quality wet flies for sale from Barbless Flies

If you’re looking for wet flies to provide you with the best catch and release fly fishing, we have an assortment of flies for you to choose from. Our range of flies are designed to mimic a wide range of larvae andflies that the fish commonly feed on at various times of the year to maximise the chance of a catch.

When you choose Barbless Flies, you can relax safe in the knowledge that all our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are hand ties to barbless hooks, making them suitable for catch and release fishing. We test every fly before offering it to you, in order to ensure that the wet flies can be used on multiple occasions and entice fish to bite.

Our expert team are on hand to give you any guidance you need for choosing wet flies you can rely on.