Dry Jig Selection
Dry Jig Selection

Dry Jig Selection

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The Barbless Dry Jig selection. We have put together something which we feel is rather special and not available from anywhere else (believe me, we have scoured the internet and cannot find anyone else selling these). It's a bit from left field, but go with us on it! This selection is unique. We have tied the dry flies on a jig hook, which then presents the dry fly correctly when a dropper is tied to the eye of the hook. Our selection contains:

  • 2 styles of dry flies tied on jig hooks, so they present correctly when fishing with a dropper. 2 patterns, in 2 sizes, 4 of each fly = 16 flies.

Especially selected for fishing the Duo. In total there are 16 flies supplied in a free 8 compartment fly box. Descriptions and photo's of each fly can be found below:

Dry Jig Flies:

Tied on quality lightweight barbless jig hooks, these dry flies are super floating sedge imitations, ideal for suspending micro nymphs.

Super Floating Indicator Sedgehammer. This model of sedge fly is probably one of the best that imitate sedge flies. Our selection contains 4 each of size 10 & 12.

Tactical Sedge. A fantastic fly used when fishing rivers for trout. When the sedge flies are hatching then these flies should be fished static. In some conditions these flies are practically a stimulator and can be fished by inducing some movement in the fly. Our selection contains 4 each of size 10 & 12.


Note: Should the "Tree Trout" steal any of your flies, I am happy to sell flies individually to allow you to top up your box. Please contact me using this link with details of your order, and I will email you an invoice. Dry Jig flies can be bought for £1.50 per fly.

The above price includes 16 hand-tied flies and a free 8 compartment fly box, and as always, includes free deliveryWe now offer the option to upgrade to a Premium Silicone Fly Box for an extra £6, for details of the box we offer see here.

We currently have these fly selections in stock and will ship these to you as soon as we receive notification of your payment, generally if a payment is made in the morning your flies will be with you the very next day. All products from Barbless-Flies are shipped free of charge.