Barbless Grayling Flies

For autumn and winter fishing, grayling make excellent sport, especially if you’re missing trout fishing. Grayling have evolved to be efficient bottom feeders, although they will willingly rise to the surface of the river when there is food available. This means that you need to have a good variety of grayling flies, and here at Barbless Flies, we have all the flies you need to entice grayling for great winter fishing.

We offer both dry andnymphs for grayling fly fishing, so you have everything you need for a great catch, however the fish are feeding.

Nymph fishing for grayling

Our nymphs are designed to realistically imitate common river insects the grayling live on, including cased caddis, Baetis nymphs and shrimps/scuds. For the best results, simply work the flies across and downstream. As grayling are largely bottom feeders and fished in the autumn, our grayling flies for nymph fishing are particularly well-suited to autumn and winter.

Dry flies for grayling fishing

If the grayling aren’t already rising, then dry flies simply won’t land you a catch, but if they are, you’re in luck. Barbless Flies have a wide range of grayling dry flies so you can match the hatching insects grayling choose to eat on the surface.

Our wide range of grayling flies have been produced to the highest standard for catch and release, so you can use them again and again. Make the most of the autumn and winter fly fishing season when you choose grayling flies from Barbless Flies.